Aims: personal impact

Personal impact

Maximising your impact, becoming indispensable and providing evidence of the value you add to the organisation. Here are some examples:

  • Provide an objective view, such as an ability to observe, analyse and solve problems
  • Provide an extra pair of hands, for example the project no one has time to do
  • Understand how to add value to the organisation
  • Promote the impact of any achievements made
  • Challenge the norm and bring new ideas
  • Improve the organisation, expand and develop publicity and customer services
  • Improve the organisation's performance, for example, sales
  • Pass on the benefits of your experiences to others
  • Improve the organisation's profile through marketing or market research
  • Bring in new expertise and skills, like fund raising skills
  • Improve IT systems
  • Improve administration procedures
  • Improve the working environment and enhance ethical values
  • Help the organisation become more effective
  • Free up people's time

Now you have clarified your aims, you can go on to think about getting results from your placement.

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