An important part of group work is giving a group presentation of project findings. Your group is likely to be given a task to carry out research, and then to give a presentation of your findings. 

This might be a presentation to fellow students, or to a small group of assessors, usually tutors. As the presentation is assigned a mark by tutors, it goes towards the overall marks of individual students - an individual is part of a group; and the group marks affect the individual.

Although you are part of a group, you will have an individual role to play in the presentation, and you would normally negotiate this role with other group members in advance.

So this section is about what makes an effective presentation. This knowledge can help you in other spheres of life - making a speech at a wedding, or other occasion, so read on…

Good and Bad Presentations

Think about presentations you have seen or heard in the past. What were the elements of both good and poor presentations? Think about this, perhaps discuss it with a group.  

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