Managing conflict

Managing conflict

We have already considered what conflicts can arise in a group. We will now look at ways of identifying and managing group conflicts. To make this as realistic as possible, you need to look at a video made by the Universities of Bradford, Brunel and Leeds for the LearnHigher HE network. The film shows a group of students who have never worked together before as a group who are asked to prepare a presentation based on the following question:

“What are the barriers to effective learning, and how can they be overcome?”

The assessment for the presentation is based on how well they can give a presentation that addresses this question. Individual group members are also asked for a self-assessment of how well they thought they contributed to the outcome, as well as their assessment on the contributions made by other team members.

Before you watch the film:
  • Find out about the students in the film - click The Students.
  • Then click Presentation Brief. This will tell you more about the task this group has been given.
  • When you have read more about the students and their presentation brief, you can start to watch the film. You don’t need to watch it all in one session, but it is a good idea to work sequentially through the episodes, starting with episode 1.
Each episode is in stages:
  • The filmed episode - which usually includes some typical problems.
  • A filmed analysis - where an analysis, or individual student perspective on what happened, is given.
  • Audio tutor commentary and supporting notes.
  • There are also hints and tips, plus links to additional resources with each episode.

When you have watched the film, it can be helpful to review some of the key points from it, by answering the following questions:

What examples do you remember of?
  • Effective and supportive communication
  • Poor and negative communication