The scanning service helps you make book chapters and journal articles more easily accessible for your students. This practice allows the GCU community to extract the best possible value from the library's resources. Upon producing a scan we will make it available via the Resource Lists service. More information about Resource Lists can be found on our website.

The material requested must comply with the Copyright Licencing Agency's Photocopying and Scanning Higher Education Licence. More information on copyright.

What can be scanned?
  • The library must own the print or electronic copy of the book or journal.
  • Only one chapter from a book, one article from a journal issue or no more than ten percent of a published work, whichever is greater, can be scanned.
  • If the library does not own a copy of the required book or journal, it may be possible to request a copyright cleared scan from the British Library if they have it in their collection. 

To request a new scan please fill in a scanning form, providing as much information as possible.

To renew existing scans please email the Scanning Team at
You should include your department, module code, trimester, module title, course leader and number of students.

How we deal with requests?
  • We will make scans available via the Resource Lists service.
  • After a year we will send a reminder to your department to renew scans for the upcoming year. All files expire annually so it is important to renew your scans each year if required.
  • We aim to provide scans as quickly as possible but this will vary depending on the number of requests. Please submit your requests as early as possible.

Please send any enquiries on the scanning service to