Reading lists

Reading lists

How to order books, ebooks and DVDs for addition to your reading lists

Email the list of resources needed using the Reading list template. Please complete all fields.

Submit your lists well in advance of the new trimester to ensure that your material is available for the start of term. Ebooks can be available for use within seven days, print books can take a minimum of three weeks.

Resend your current reading lists (even if there are no changes) this will confirm your reading lists are still active. We will check for new editions and ebooks to update your list. Even if an item is already in the library please let us know you are using it in your module as this affects our purchasing decisions.

There are two types of reading list resources:

Essential reading - resources that the students are directed to read. You can find resources using links in GCU Learn, lists in module handbooks or in Discover. As a guide the library will purchase one copy per 10 students for each module using the materials. 

Further reading - resources you may recommend to students to further their understanding of a subject. Generally we buy one copy of further reading.

Reading list print books have a two week loan period. 

Please note - Some ebook providers have changed access to high demand texts to single-user only. The library will NOT purchase this access model.

The library will:

  • help you choose material or update your lists - go to selecting and ordering ebooks or contact your librarian for more detailed information
  • help you take existing resources (like Open Textbooks) and develop them in ways that suit your needs - contact
  • monitor demand and purchase additional print copies where necessary
  • replace lost or missing reading list items
  • make one copy reference only (for use only in the library) for high demand texts

The library will not:

  • buy reading list texts unless they are submitted to the library
  • normally order new editions unless they are on a new or resubmitted list
  • purchase single user ebooks listed as essential reading
Adding reading lists to GCULearn

You can now add your reading list to a GCULearn module. Just follow our short instructions. If the list does not load in correctly, contact the Electronic Resources Team ( for help and advice.