Research data management

Research data management

Research data management (RDM) is the active, mindful handling of the information produced or re-used during the course of academic research.

It is a requirement of many funders as well as the University, and will help ensure that you comply with legal obligations. The outcomes of good RDM are that the rights of data subjects and owners are protected and that data is archived towards the end of a research project so that it remains available for validation of results, and potentially for future re-use.

What do we mean by data?

Data in this context has a broad definition. It can be:

  • qualitative or quantitative
  • factual or non-factual
  • numerical, textual or audio-visual

In short data means whatever is necessary to validate or reproduce your research findings, or to gain a richer understanding of them.

These web pages will help you plan, create, organise and archive your data.

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