Open access funding

Open access funding at GCU

The library administers the University's fund to pay for article processing charges (APCs). Your research may be eligible to have APCs paid for with this fund. Please contact for more information.

Open access funds are allocated as follows:

  1. Green Open Access route should be the default option for compliant articles.
  2. For articles published via the Gold Open Access route, authors must ascertain first if the article can be published in a journal covered by the SHEDL & JISC "transformative" deals.
  3. To cover the costs of Gold Open Access publishing, authors should attempt to include these costs as part of the funding bid.
  4. If funds are not available, or have not been requested as part of the initial funding bid, authors should investigate if colleagues from collaborating institutions have access to funds to cover publication costs.
  5. Only when the four steps above have been completed can authors apply for the University open access fund. Please note any application for funding should be compliant with funder specific requirements and Plan S criteria, namely:
    • Funds should not cover the cost of OA publishing in subscription journals (‘hybrid OA’), outside of a transformative arrangement.
    • Authors or their institutions should retain copyright to their publications.
    • The article should be published under a CC BY, CC BY-SA or CC0 licence.
    • Any OA publication fees should be commensurate with the publication services delivered (i.e. least expensive option).