Professional ethics: What you do outside university

3 You should keep high standards of personal conduct.
  • You should be aware that conduct outside of your programme may affect whether or not you are allowed to complete your programme or register with a professional body.
  • You should be polite with service users, your colleagues and the programme team.
  • You should make sure that your personal appearance is appropriate for your placement environment. Follow the GCU policy on piercings and jewellery.
  • You should follow your education provider’s or placement provider’s policy on attendance.
4 You should provide any important information about your conduct, competence or health to your education provider.
  • You should tell your education provider and placement provider about any existing health conditions or changes to your health which may put your service users or yourself at risk.
  • You should tell your education provider if you are convicted of, or cautioned for, any offence.

These pages have been adapted from the BPS code of human research ethics and the HPC guidance on conduct and ethics for students.