Where to find information

Where to find information

The library web site

When you begin looking for information, you should use the library web site. This gives access to Discover for electronic journals and books, databases and other online resources. There is more to the library web site than finding items in the library. It can help you manage your inter-library loans, book renewals and holds. You should also look at the Archives web site for specific information.

Getting the full text of journal articles

The library web site gives access to the full text (wherever possible) of journal articles. When you have an article reference, you should search either the Journal A-Z (by journal title) or Discover (by article title in inverted commas) to check if we have a subscription to the journal you need. You may also come across links to full text articles when searching databases.

Journal A-Z

Search the list by journal title. The journal may be paper based, for use in the Sir Alex Ferguson Library, or available online. Check the subscription dates first to make sure that the article you need is available. Usually you will be taken straight to the article's full text. However, not all publishers do this. In some cases you may be taken to the article abstract; if so just look for the links to the full text (PDF or html) which will be somewhere on the page. In other instances, you may be taken to the table of contents page. Just look for your article and click through to the full text.


For more direct access to the full text of an article, type the article title (enclosed in inverted commas) into the Discover search box on the main library web page. This will link you directly to the full text of the article if we have it in stock. You can also search by subject and use the options at the side of the screen to cut down your search results quickly and easily. Our Discover search guide will help you to get started.

If the item is not available from the library or electronically you will have to request an inter-library loan.