The SPICE framework


If you are studying the social sciences, a more appropriate system may be SPICE:

  • Setting (Where? in what context?)
  • Population or Perspective (For whom?)
  • Intervention (What?)
  • Comparison (What else?)
  • Evaluation (How well? What result?)

Here is an example of how it works:

  • Setting: Scotland
  • Population or perspective: Teenagers
  • Intervention: Provision of Quit Kits to support smoking cessation
  • Comparison: No support or "cold turkey"
  • Evaluation: Number of successful attempts to give up smoking with Quit Kits compared to number of successful attempts with no support. 

Pages developed with the help of Jamie Frankis, Lesley Price, Pauline Hamilton, and Ima Jackson of the School of Health and Life Sciences, GCU