Question templates 2

PICO: Question templates

It may also help you to identify and focus your practice based question by considering what type of question you can ask about your topic. Here are six types of questions that could be asked, with examples. The population, intervention, comparison and outcome for each question is pointed out to further show the use of the PICO framework. This shows how using both PICO and considering the question type can help you to develop a focused practice based question.

Therapy questions
  • In **** what is the effect of **** on **** compared with ****?
  • In male middle-aged long-term smokers (P) what is the effect of smoking cessation groups (I) on success rates (O) compared to the use of nicotine patches (C)?
Causation questions
  • Are **** who have **** at **** risk for/of **** compared with **** with/without ****?
  • Are 30-50 year old women (P) who have high blood pressure (I) at increased risk for myocardial infarction (O) compared with women without high blood pressure (C)?
Diagnostic question
  • Are (is) **** more accurate in diagnosing **** compared with ****?
  • Is the Edinburgh Post-Natal Depression Scale (I) more accurate in diagnosing (O) PND (P) than a generic mental health depression scale? (C)

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