Materials and resources

Preparing your search: materials and resources

What type of material do you need and which are the most appropriate resources?

Bearing in mind what you learned in "Using information" about the different sorts of resources and their uses, first:

  • Consider the type of material you want to use.
  • Consider which resources would be the most appropriate to use to find that type of material.
  • Find out how to use those resources
  • If you are not sure how to start, contact your librarian for help and advice.

For example: 

  • If you need background information about a topic that is new to you, an encyclopaedia or textbook may the best source. 
  • If you require more in-depth information about a research topic, a journal article or conference proceeding may be more appropriate. 
  • You would normally use Discover as a starting point for any search. You would then look at the library web site which gives you access to electronic resources such as databases and quality assessed websites.