Example search strategy

Example search strategy

Your research area is the medical devices industry for cardiovascular patients in Europe. You may want to start preparing your search by:

  • considering the type of material you wish to use
  • choosing the most appropriate resource(s)

Then you need to identify key terms and authors, and think of alternative terms.

Key terms:
 cardiovascular, medical, devices, industry, Europe 

cardiovascular OR cardiology OR heart 
industry OR market 
devices OR technology

Then combine your terms using truncation and parentheses where required:

(cardiovascular or heart) 

and     (industry or market) 
and     (devices or technology) 
and     (Europe not US) 
and     device*

Why is this time well spent?

If you don't plan your search correctly it will:    

  • take longer to execute as you will retrieve information and resources that you don't need, and you are more likely to be distracted by other interesting but irrelevant information
  • be less comprehensive, because you are unlikely to search for all the relevant synonyms, abbreviations and alternative spellings.