Key steps to evidence based practice

Practice-based questions: Key steps to evidence based practice

  • Step one: Review the practice and ask the question
  • Step two: Find the evidence
  • Step three: Critically appraise the evidence
  • Step four: Implement the evidence
  • Step five: Evaluate and reflect

These are the five steps to evidence based practice. They are taken from the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) funded by the NHS. We will be concentrating on step one, particularly on how to develop an appropriate focused question and pointing you in the direction of sources of evidence to match your question. 

In step two, the sort of evidence we want you to find is primary research evidence. You are looking for this to build up a literature review which in turn is presented as a critically appraised body of evidence to examine your question. In other words, did you find strong, good evidence in the form of six primary pieces of research, to answer your practice based question or is additional or better quality research required?

Step three, the appraisal process - the School of Health and Life Sciences use the appraisal framework in the Blue Book (Accessing and Assessing Research for Evidence-based Practice) which is available from the School. Stages four and five are up to you in practice! 

Pages developed with the help of Jamie Frankis, Lesley Price, Pauline Hamilton, and Ima Jackson of the School of Health and Life Sciences, GCU