Finding the evidence

Defining a practice-based question: Finding the evidence

Here is a summary of the process you’ll use to find evidence. Remember that you will usually be looking for primary research evidence. There is lots of ‘pre-appraised evidence’ out there.  As a practitioner this will often be your first port of call (Cochrane, CRD, SIGN, NHSQIS, NICE, - look in your library subject guide for links). If you need help in using these resources, come to a library drop in session or contact your librarian for help.

  • Choose your topic of interest
  • Brainstorm words to find issues
  • Develop a practice-based question - use PICO or SPICE
  • Understand what type of question it is
  • Consider which type of study would be the strongest one to answer the question?
  • Write a list of types of evidence that would answer the question
  • Establish what resources are needed to obtain this evidence
Some final points
  • There are a range of situations where evidence is needed to enhance practice
  • There are different types of questions to yield different information
  • It is important to focus questions
  • Use the PICO framework to assist question development

Pages developed with the help of Jamie Frankis, Lesley Price, Pauline Hamilton, and Ima Jackson of the School of Health and Life Sciences, GCU