My RI - Citation searching on POP

Select the Author impact tab to start the search. Then enter the author's name. The order does not matter, smeaton af will retrieve the same results as af smeaton. Remember an author may not always use the same initials so you may also want to try a smeaton.

You can narrow your search by selecting a specific subject area.

  • Lookup will use the POP local cache. This means that it doesn't do a fresh search of Google Scholar.
  • Lookup direct will send the search directly to Google Scholar.

Once you have made your selections the results for the selected papers will be displayed in the results box. The total number of papers retrieved using the search criteria entered is displayed beside the Papers: heading. 

In many cases the results will contain papers which are not written by the intended author, but just by someone with a similar name. You should check the results and select the relevant items by clicking in the box beside the entry, then using the check buttons to the right of the screen.

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