The h-index: Examples

Name                                                   h-index

  • Martin Cohen, Berkeley                        94
  • Philip Anserson, Princeton                    91
  • Edward Witten, Princeton                   110
  • Charles K Kao (Nobel laureate, 2009)    6

Let's consider the h-index of some high ranking physicists as noted by P. Ball in Nature (Ball, 2005).

Why is Kao's index so much lower?

Kao's papers are published mainly in conference proceedings; he has published many monographs and patents. These outputs are NOT taken into consideration in the h-index calculation when you use the Web of Science. Here is a good example of how an individual (Stephen Hawking)'s rating can vary according to the source used:

Source                              h-index

  • Web of Science        59
  • Scopus                     18
  • Publish or Perish      76

Ball, P. 2005. Index aims for fair ranking of scientists. Nature. 436, p. 900

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