Publish or Perish

About Publish or Perish
  • Free web-based service
  • Publish or Perish (POP) provides metrics for journals using data from Google Scholar.
Key metrics
  • H-index. The h-index of a journal is the number of its papers that have been cited at least h times - for example, a journal has an H-index of 13 if 13 of its papers have been cited at least 13 times. This metric discounts the disproportionate weight of highly-cited papers or papers that have not yet been cited.
Distinctive features
  • Because of the link to Google Scholar, POP provides a more comprehensive coverage of citations than other tools; it includes citations in books, conference and working papers and journals not indexed by other tools.
  • No artificially-fixed time limit (such as a 2 year window); the date range is flexible and can be set as desired.
  • You cannot search for a group of journals by subject category; only by single journal title name.
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