About the Eigenfactor
  • Free web based service, also available within ISI's journal citation reports.
  • Provides metrics for journals using data from ISI's journal citation reports. The theory behind Eigenfactor metrics is that a single citation from a high quality journal may hold more value than multiple citations from more peripheral publications. Eigenfactor metrics use a similar method to Google's PageRank algorithim to rank journals - the Eigenfactor of a journal is based on the citations it receives from other journals and citations from highly ranked journals and given more weight than others.
Key metrics
  • The Eigenfactor score which is a measure of the overall value provided by all of the articles published in a given journal in a year.
  • The article influence score which is a measure of a journal's prestige based on per article citations and comparable to JCR's impact factor.
Distinctive features
  • Cost effectiveness calculation. This shows how the cost of a journal title relates to its impact (Eigenfactor score).
  • Mapping science. This attempts to show the relationship of scientific fields and the top journals in each field through a dynamic mapping feature.
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