Journal impact factors - issues and limitations

There are many articles in the literature that discuss the issues and limitations of using journal impact factors:

Journal coverage and bias

No one tool includes every journal and inclusion of other types of research output can be patchy. JCR and WOS in particular include a relatively modest number of journals and very few conference proceedings, books and open access journals. It has a particular English language bias.

Scopus has a better geographical spread of publications and does include some conference papers and open access journals.

Overall, however, those disciplines reliant on non-journal output (such as humanities, applied technologies or engineering, computer science) will tend to fare better using Google Scholar.

A UCD academic articulates some of the issues in her field:

"We publish in books and monographs and in peer-reviewed journals. However, we have a range of real requirements that include official reporting to state agencies and authorities; public archeology and communication in regional and local journals and in interdisciplinary publication across several journals, that most bibliometrics are incapable of measuring" UCD academic.

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