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Data integrity - Institutional affiliation

As with your name, always make sure you list your institution correctly on your publications. We have seen lots of examples of researchers including their department name and excluding their institution‘s name for example, ‘Department of Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland’. The quality of the data, or lack thereof, will impact on the precision of the results retrieved.  

What can you do?

scopus clip

Scopus will allow you to provide feedback if you come across any errors. In our previous example where we did an author search for ‘Professor Dermot Diamond’ and found an error, this can be fed back to Scopus by clicking on the ‘Give feedback’ link.

Web of Science have developed a service called ‘Researcher ID’ which researcher ID logoprovides researchers with a permanent ID and more. A permanent ID ensures publications are matched correctly to their respective authors. You can get more information and sign up to the service.

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