Develop a search strategy

Develop a search strategy

Decide on how much and what type of information you need to:

  • develop exclusion and inclusion criteria, such as:
    • will you reject (exclude) certain types of interventions? If so,WHY?
    • will you reject studies with certain types of research design? If so, WHY?
    • will you reject studies with certain types of participants? If so,WHY?
  • decide on what databases you are going to use
  • decide on what your search terms will be but be flexible - these may change as you progress
  • sift through your search results and decide whether to keep or discard based on exclusion and inclusion criteria
  • keep a note of what you do - use our Literature search strategy template This is a word document so you can download and edit it.
  • you can then download the PRISMA flow chart and fill in the details using the information on your template

You can find more detailed information in our systematic reviewing pages

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