Planning your research

It is best to think about copyright when planning your research and before data collection or fieldwork. A little time spent now can save a lot of work later.

The lines between copyright and wider ethical issues sometimes are not clear. GCU has guidance on research ethics. This will help you decide how best to use the data you collect.

We also have an Assistant Head (Information Compliance) who can help you with Data Protection Issues. For example: if you take photographs where the subject is identifiable (even if their face is not visible). You would own the copyright to the photo, but you still need to get the subject’s permission before you use it. You can contact the Information Compliance team for help and advice.
A university procedure has been agreed which covers contacting GCU staff and students to invite them to participate in research projects. 
The next pages will look at the main aspects of copyright and open access as they apply to your thesis.

Creative Commons License
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