Issues with open access publication

Are there any issues with open access publication?

Making your thesis open access can be problematic if:

  • It includes third party content
  • You intend to publish the content in a book or academic journal
  • It contains sensitive information which may affect the commercial operations of a company or the university
  • It contains information which was obtained under a confidentiality agreement
  • It endangers the physical, mental health or safety of an individual
Third party content and open access
Third party content is content that you may use in your thesis which comes from other sources. It could be:
  • Quotations
  • Data
  • Images, Charts or Graphs
You need to use judgement over whether your use falls under what is considered “fair” in copyright law. Substantial use will require permission from the copyright owner unless there is a clear statement on the original work saying it can be reused. More information is provided on the Copyright User website.
Other issues
Intent to publish:
  • You should check your agreement with the publisher, they may wish to place an embargo on your thesis
  • A standard embargo applies for up to three years from the date of award
Commercially sensitive, confidentiality or endangerment:
  • This should be dealt with when planning your research
  • Your thesis can be embargoed, redacted or restricted as necessary

Creative Commons License
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