Twitter: Start following other users

Who you follow defines the live Twitter feed you will see every time you log in. It is easy to populate the feed quickly from several sources.

  • Use the Search box to look for friends or colleagues. See who they are following by clicking on their profile, and then clicking on ‘Following’. You are likely to find someone you want to follow in their lists too. If you are starting a department or research account, look for other departments or projects in your university, or your profession.
  • Twitter will suggest a Who To Follow list where you may see people you like, or corporate sources with interesting tweets. You can find your personalized list at the top of the Twitter homepage, which changes regularly depending on who you follow.
  • Keyword searches can be helpful if you are unsure who to follow. Use the search bar at the top of any page to do searches for terms such as ‘professor’ or ‘historian’. Don’t be afraid of following people you don’t know - you can always un-follow them later.
  • Twitter is also very reciprocal and you will soon find that your own follower numbers grow with not too much effort at all.

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