Using Twitter in the academic environment

By following other people and sources you are able to build up an instant, personalized Twitter feed that meets your full range of interests.

Setting up an account:
  • Go to
  • Enter your name, email address and a memorable password. Choose a username which makes you easily identifiable, you may also want to include your academic title.
  • Click Create my account, and your account is live. Now move through the following steps to add detail to your account and start tweeting. Depending on whether you use a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet to connect to Twitter, the home page and set up may differ slightly to the PC version described here, but all the tips and other information can still be used.
Your account

Add some details which will identify you, or your department or research project, depending if it is a group or individual account. You have 160 characters to give a brief description that will make people want to follow you, so choose carefully.
Include your experience and research interests, your teaching or research role, university or organization, and if you have your own blog you can include the web address. Add a clear and bright photo so that others can recognise you or your project. All of these details can be changed at any time.

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