To network or not?

To social network or not to social network?

Having worked through this section, think about how you might engage or become more engaged with online social networking. Here are some ides:

  • Dissemination. Consider whether social networking tools could play a role in disseminating your research, in terms of reaching a larger audience and getting your results out more quickly.
  • Copyright. Be aware of issues such as copyright when uploading any of your published work on social networking sites.
  • Time Factors. Consider the time involved to maintain a blog or personal website. Is this really a good use of your time? If you already have a blog have a look at any usage statistics, as these may help assess how worthwhile the time you dedicate to this really is.
  • Contacts and Collaborators. Think about the value of any contacts and collaborators you have located via social networking. Have they added value to your research?

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