Posters: Videos

Professor Bob John, Head of Department of Informatics, Director of the Centre for Computational Intelligence at DMU disusses the benefits of promoting research through the use of academic posters at conferences and beyond. When you are watching it, think about whether any of the advice he gives is true for your own discipline as well, before moving on to watch Shashi Paul talk about the benefits of poster presentations at conferences to your research profile.

The Use of Posters

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The Benefits of Poster Presentations at Conferences

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Here are some of what we think are the main benefits of posters highlighted in the videos:

  • Marketing, to advertise your research group either at conferences or within your own institution. Posters could be used after a conference within your work area to inform visitors of the areas of research covered.
  • Raising awareness.
  • The informal setting can lead to discussions and useful exchange of information.
  • Helps communication skills.
  • Networking.
  • Possible future employment, or collaboration opportunities.
  • How does this relate to your subject area?

Activity: Create an action plan on how you could use posters as part of your dissemination strategy.

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