Social networks 2

Networking: Academic and professional social networks 2

  • Allows you to follow current research in your field. The site also allows you to create a webpage where you can upload your papers.
  • Mendeley A free reference management tool and academic social network. Allows the sharing of research and the creation of collaborative groups. Can also give information on how many people are downloading and reading your research.
  • ResearchGate Freely available academic social network specifically for scientists. Allows you to connect with fellow researchers, download full-text papers and locate relevant conferences and jobs.
  • LabSpaces Aimed at scientific researchers. Designed to foster contacts between researchers and promote collaboration.
  • LinkedIn A business-oriented social networking site that allows registered users to maintain a list of contacts. Users can ask questions for the community to answer. A contact network can be built up consisting of direct connections, the connections of each of their connections and the connections of second-degree connections. Making contact with a professional who isn't a direct connection requires the intervention of one of their contacts. This is intended to build trust amongst users.

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