Book a study space

Book a study space

To enable you to study in the library you must book a study space in advance. You can book a study space up to one week in advance. When preparing to visit the library you are required to bring your student card with you. You must bring your student card to be admitted into the library building. Access to study space in the library is aimed at those who don't have access to suitable study space at home; users who can study at home should continue to do so. 

Level 0 (Quiet Study)
What can I book?
  • All available seats are single study spaces only. To adhere to social distancing guidance no group study will be permitted in the library
  • You can make up to three 60-minute bookings each day. These can run concurrently (to make one three hour booking) or non-concurrently
  • You will have the option to book a space with or without a PCWiFi will be available at all desks without a PC 
  • Levels 0 and 2 are designated as quiet study to allow users to participate in online group work if necessary. Levels 3 and 4 will be silent study only 
How do I use the booking system?
  • Click on one of the links above. You can choose to book a space by floor and with or without a PC 
  • Above the booking calendar select the required date for your booking. You can also adjust the Location to another floor of the library, or the Category to add or remove the requirement for a PC
  • In the booking calendar available spaces will display as green. Click on the space(s) you would like to book. You can select up to three 60-minute bookings per day 
  • Once you have made your selections scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Submit Times 
  • A summary of your bookings will display. Check these are correct and click Change next to any booking you need to edit 
  • Enter your first name, last name and your email address. You must use your student or staff email address (ending, or 
  • Click Submit my Booking to confirm your reservations. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Please retain this as you will be asked to provide this confirmation when you visit the library 
What will happen when I arrive for my booking?
  • When you arrive you will be welcomed by one of our library team and asked to present your booking confirmation and your student or staff card. You will be asked to swipe your card to record your entry to the building. This is required to fulfil our COVID-19 contact tracing obligations. Please note you will not be admitted without your student or staff card
  • It is mandatory for all staff and students to wear a face covering whilst in the library unless they have a medical reason not to. Staff will check that you have a face covering and offer you a disposable covering should you forget to bring your own
  • Staff will explain how to find your study space. There will also be floorplans at the entrance to each floor to help you locate your space 
  • When you arrive at your study space you should wipe down the desk and any IT equipment with antibacterial wipes. A supply of wipes will be available on each floor of the building
  • Please do not arrive early as you will not be able to access your study space and there will be no waiting space available 
  • At peak times there may be a queue to enter the library. Please maintain social distancing whilst you wait 
What is expected of me when I use the library?
  • We ask users to continue to be respectful when using the library and to only use the study space if you have no alternative study space available. This will allow the limited space to be used by those who need it most 
  • Please keep your study space clean and tidy. When vacating your space please clear any rubbish and ensure you take all personal belongings with you 
  • There is high demand for the limited space available so please leave the library promptly when your booking ends 
  • You must remember to bring your student card, booking confirmation and face covering 
  • You can bring any study materials which you require. There will be access to  WiFi at each study space if you wish to use a laptop 
  • You will not be able to browse books when in the library. Please use the click and collect system if you require access to the physical book stock
How do I cancel a booking?

If for any reason you are unable to make use of your booked study space please cancel your reservation so that other users can make use of the space. 

To cancel a booking:

  • Click on the cancelation link in your confirmation email 
  • A list of all your bookings will be displayed. Use the Cancel Booking buttons to cancel one or more of your reservations. Use the Cancel All Bookings button to cancel all your reservations

If you cannot locate your confirmation email please contact the library to request cancellation of your reservation. 

If you repeatedly fail to attend your booking without cancelling you may be blocked from making further bookings.

Postgraduate study room

We have a postgraduate study room on level 4 of the library. Access is controlled by your student card and limited to postgraduate students only. To get access:

  • Book a space online
  • Come to the Library Desk on level 0 and ask for a slip to take to the Security Office to have your card coded for the door
  • Once your card has been coded, you will have access to the study room