• Methodology


Step by Step

The study will:

1. Review the literature to identify (i) the barriers, enablers and benefits of integrating formal and informal learning using e-tools in the HE context, and (ii) examples of such integration from international research and practice.

2. Carry out interviews and focus groups, involving:

- two subject areas (social work and engineering)

- two different institutions (pre-1992: University of Strathclyde; post-1992: Glasgow Caledonian University)

- focus groups involving 40 third-year students in these disciplines at each of these two Universities (10 students from each discipline and University, i.e. 8 focus groups of 5 students each)

- Interviews with 20 staff, particularly teachers, managers and support staff in disciplines of social work and engineering at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian. Interviews will be a mixture of face-to-face and telephone/videoconferencing as appropriate.

3. Based on the literature review, interviews and focus groups, deliverables include (i) a typology of barriers and drivers to integration of formal and informal learning using e-tools; (ii) case studies illustrating how to integrate formal and informal learning using e-tools; (iii) policy guidelines and recommendations.