Conference Themes

We invite papers related to the following themes:

Stream A: Product Design and Development.

Intelligent design and manufacture.
Design optimisation
Design Management
Reliability and Risk Analysis
Emotional Design
Design for manufacture/assembly/sustainability
Innovative product design
Product development
Logistics-based product design and development
Rapid product development and manufacture
Product life-cycle management
Human factors in product development process

Stream B: Digital Technologies


Enterprise integration and virtual enterprises
E-manufacture and E-business
Collaborative networks technologies
Virtual factories, factory planning and control

Stream C: Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Technologies

Advanced manufacturing technologies
Advanced materials (polymeric, ceramic, metallic, hybrid), modelling and processes
Nanotechnology and micro-fabrication
Surface treatments
Precision engineering
Metrology technology
Industrial automation and robotics

Stream D: Production Systems, Simulation and Optimisation

Advanced manufacturing systems
Supply chain management
Packaging and handling
Lean and agile manufacturing
Operations management
Production planning and control
Group technology/cellular manufacturing

Stream E: Product-Service Systems (PSS)

PSS: State-of-the-art
PSS: challenges and reflections
PSS life cycle concepts
PSS design methodologies
PSS approaches and their implementation
PSS: Business Requirements and Techniques
PSS Requirements Engineering and Management
Industrial PSS
Intelligent PSS
Knowledge and data management for PSS life cycle stages
Knowledge capture and reuse in PSS
Use of information technology in PSS
Cost engineering of PSS
Customer value and affordability in PSS
Factors effecting implementing PSS
Industrial Case Studies
Technology readiness for PSS
Service design for PSS
PSS evaluation techniques
Agility and PSS
Innovation in PSS life cycle stages
Socio-technical system for PSS
Networks and supply chain concepts for PSS implementation