Troy, Victoria

Victoria Troy

PhD Student
PhD working title: The acceptability and feasibility of a parenting intervention for female offenders who have a history of substance misuse.
Supervisors: Dr Kerri McPherson, Professor Liz Gilchrist & Dr Carol Emslie

It is estimated that 16,500 children are impacted by parental incarceration in Scotland each year (Families Outside, 2009). The impact of parental incarceration can have diverse negative impacts on children as they face a number of adversities including emotional loss, financial disadvantage, instability and a decrease in emotional well-being (Loper & Tuerk 2006). Carlson (2001) argues that family contact during incarceration and healthy family relationships may have a positive impact on recovery from substance misuse and reduced rates of re-offending behaviour thus parental interventions could be pivotal for the reduction of recidivism. The current project aims to employ a mixed methods approach to identify how motherhood is impacted by offending and substance misuse histories. Furthermore the research will try to identify the wants and needs of mothers in order to develop and tailor an acceptable and feasible parenting programme.

Vic completed an MSc in Research Methods and Child Development (Distinction) from Stirling University in 2014 and has worked as a research assistant and graduate teaching assistant at GCU since 2013. Vic is a member of the Substance Use and Misuse team, GCU's Parenting and Family Support Research team and the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.