Grant, Scott

Scott Grant

Lecturer in Social Work
Scott is a full-time lecturer in social work within the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Allied Health Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University. Scott read sociology as an undergraduate before completing subsequent post-graduate studies in alcohol and drug misuse (where he received a distinction). He then qualified as a social worker from the University of Glasgow which enabled him to practice in the field of criminal justice for ten years. Within this time, he completed a higher degree in criminal justice at the University of Edinburgh – receiving a distinction for dissertation work exploring the sentencing process in Scottish courts (gaining rare access to the judiciary as part of his fieldwork). Scott has extensive experience of criminal justice social work including the supervision of statutory orders and non-statutory deferments from court; supervision of sex offenders in the community; supervision of parole and non-parole licences; court-based services and the provision of reports to assist the judiciary in deliberating sentence.