Thomson, Karen

Dr Karen Thomson

Associate Dean, International
Karen is a Social Scientist with a background in psychology, she has a particular interest in cultural and cross-culture research. She completed her doctorate at Stirling University, which explored learning conceptions in a culturally diverse classroom. In additional to her substantive post as a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Karen has been the the Head of Learning and Teaching for the School of Life Sciences; the Associate Dean, Learning Teaching and Quality, for the School of Health and Life Sciences; and is now delighted to be undertaking a strategic international role for the School. She has been involved in a number of trans national education projects in Africa, South East Asia and India; and has experience of teaching in USA, Australia, Holland and Malaysia. One of her main interests is teaching social, political and cultural psychology to students from culturally, socially and economically diverse backgrounds. She is currently the external examiner at the British University of Egypt in Cairo.

Karen has held a number of positions on external boards and currently works with Changing the Chemistry to increase gender and cultural diversity on all types of Boards.