Harris, James

James Harris

Researcher 1B
I am new to the SHIP team, having been recruited to work on a systematic review of the WHO’s core components for ICP. I have a multidisciplinary background having studied Politics and Economics, Mental Health Psychology, Exercise and Sports Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. I find systematic reviews are a great way to learn about a new area as they allow you to discover what research is out there, the strengths and weakness of said research and just as importantly, what is currently missing. As I have a long-standing interest in understanding how we can support positive lifestyle changes, I am interested in how we can reinforce positive habits that help to reduce transmission of pathogens, such as, regular, and purposeful handwashing. I envisage this would mean coming up with creative experimental research designs to improve our current models of decision-making, and to ensure our findings and the way they are communicated are applicable to people from diverse backgrounds.