Keith, Karen

Dr Karen Keith

Lecturer in Microbiology
Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
I graduated in Microbiology from Edinburgh University in 1984 and in 1987 completed a PhD in the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester. My PhD was under the supervision of Professor Barry Holland and investigated assembly of proteins into the outer membrane of Escherichia coli and also the secretion of haemolysin. I subsequently worked from 1987-1991as a post-doctoral scientist in the Wellcome Unit of Molecular Parasitology at Glasgow University. I studied cuticular proteins in the parasitic nematode Ostertagia circumcincta and also characterised protein kinase C activities in trypanosomes. I joined the Department of Biological & Biomedical Sciences as a part time lecturer in Microbiology 1997 and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary level teaching in 1999.

I have experience in teaching students from level one to masters and teach in areas ranging from introductory microbiology to advanced level molecular microbiology. I am also involved in student induction and act as academic advisor for students in years 1-3.

In 2012 I was awarded a Student-Led Teaching Award for ‘Effective teaching that helps make sense of the subject’.