Jackson, Ima

Dr Ima Jackson

Lecturer School of Health and Life Sciences
Ima is an experienced clinician, lecturer, researcher and project manager and has spent most of her career working with marginalised groups: initially pregnant women in the poorest parts of London and Glasgow, and in more recent years with refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland.

Her research interest is in migration, in particular transnational workforce issues, ethical recruitment processes, migrant health and healthcare infrastructure needs and gendered migration policy. She set up and ran the Glasgow Overseas Professionals into Practice project (2002-2009) which supported the adaptation of refugee and migrant health professionals to UK healthcare practice. Ima is interested in the interface between research based policy and migrant and host country citizens’ actual experience. Her work tends to engage from the migrant’s perspective.

She currently work with cross party parliamentarians, migrant organisations, activists, artists, researchers and policymakers investigating and supporting the development of Scotland’s local, national and international perspective on aspects of migration and immigration within the context of increased devolution, post the referendum.

She is a steering group member of Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet: http://www.gla.ac.uk/research/az/gramnet/). Through this network she has initiated and supported a range of academic, social and political initiatives. These include a Migration in Scotland’s future conference at Glasgow University and a formal dinner, where the Minister for European and External Affairs, academics, policymakers, cross party parliamentarians, migrants, farming, fishing and tourism representatives were brought together to discuss migration policy and impact.

She is also a member of the ISSJR: http://www.gcu.ac.uk/issjr/ at Glasgow Caledonian University.

She teaches research critique methods at a range of levels and is based in the School of Health and Life Sciences.
Interested to supervise MSc and PhD students researching aspects of migration, migrant health and gender.