Kennedy, Graeme

Dr Graeme Kennedy

Lecturer in Vision Sciences
Department of Vision Sciences
Graeme is a Lecturer in Vision Sciences and a practising optometrist, providing services to NHS and private patients through Glasgow Caledonian University’s Eye Clinic. Graeme graduated with a degree in Optometry from GCU in 1996 and, after completing a pre-registration training year, qualified as an optometrist in 1997. After several years in private practice, Graeme returned to GCU and completed a PhD in visual psychophysics, a discipline that uses measures of performance in perceptual tasks to investigate the neural mechanisms involved in processing visual information. He subsequently spent 18 months as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Bradford University, and returned again to GCU in 2008 to take up his current post as Lecturer in Vision Sciences. Graeme has a particular interest in using psychophysical methods to assess visual performance in certain clinical conditions (for example, myopia, glaucoma and macular disease).