Burrows, Annamae

Annamae Burrows

PhD Student
Annamae graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology from GCU in 2018. Annamae then went on to gain experience as a Support and Lead Practitioner with Turning Point Scotland in the 218 Project, keyworking in a secure residential unit with women with offending histories, substance and alcohol misuse, poor mental health and experience of trauma. Annamae was responsible for coordinating the gradual reintegration of women into the community and gained invaluable experience of working therapeutically with challenging/aggressive behaviour, personality disorder and trauma-informed practice. Following this, Annamae completed an MSc in Forensic Psychology at GCU in 2020 and was awarded the David Shewan Memorial award for Best Dissertation. Shortly after graduating, Annamae gained a position as an Assistant Psychologist at HMP Kilmarnock, working with adult male offenders in a maximum-security environment. Annamae then moved to work in the Scottish Prison Service as an Assistant Psychologist at HMP Barlinnie and HMP Greenock. Her role there included working as a Case Coordinator with adult males at National Top End managed under the Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) sentence.

Annamae is a member of the Substance Use team at GCU and her PhD, titled ‘Young Men, Alcohol and Loneliness’, will focus on young men’s lived experiences of friendship and masculinity and the impact of alcohol use. Understanding the social/emotional benefits of alcohol and the ways in which young men experience friendship is crucial in reducing problematic drinking and loneliness and improving mental health among young men. This qualitative research seeks to understand young men’s experiences of constructing masculine identities while developing and maintaining social relationships which support emotional intimacy and to examine the role of alcohol use in this process. This research will also explore how young men fulfil their need for social connection and cope with loneliness with and without alcohol.