Mandal, Abhishek

Abhishek Mandal

Doctoral Researcher
Department of Vision Sciences
Abhishek Mandal completed his Bachelors in Optometry from University of Technology, Kolkata and went on for his Masters in Optometry from BVU Medical College, Pune, India. During his Masters he found innovative treatment plans for Amblyopia through In-office Vision Therapy. Following his Masters he was appointed as a lecturer at State Medical Faculty, Government of Uttarakhand, India. His teaching areas were Visual Optics, Anatomy & Physiology of Eye and Binocular Vision; he also took lab sessions for Dispensing Optics, Diagnostic Techniques and Vision Therapy. During his lectureship he presented his post graduate research work at national & international conferences. He then decided to take his research to the next level by joining Masters in Research, Vision Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University with Professor Velitchko Manahilov & Professor Niall Strang. After successfully completing his second Master’s degree he enrolled for Doctoral Research at Glasgow Caledonian University under supervision of Professor Niall Strang, Dr. Dirk Seidel & Professor Gunter Loffler. His research interests are now mainly on Visual Neuroscience, Visual Psychophysics & Eye Movements. Apart from his research work he is also involved in teaching Undergraduate & Masters students as a part of his PhD studies. Abhishek is also in the list of Ambassadors of Glasgow Caledonian University.