Vision and Public Health

The Glasgow Ophthalmic Public Health Group is a young academic research group at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The group is fast growing and we are currently developing into a multi-disciplinary network of researchers who are dedicated to delivering research outcomes with real impact on eye care planning, delivery and policy, both in the UK and beyond.

Our expertise and research comprise the analysis of access to eye care, economic aspects of eye care delivery, and international eye health care. Current projects include studies relating to the effect of socioeconomic deprivation on eyecare utilization, the economic evaluation of primary eyecare services in Scotland and the efficacy of international eye care delivery.

The overarching aim of our work is to contribute to improving eyecare services in Scotland and will be translating to address global eyecare issues. 

We work with partners such as Optometry Scotland, the Visual Research Trust, the Royal National Institute of the Blind and the Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health, NHS Scotland and the University of Glasgow.


Academic Staff