Current Projects

Perceptual Visual Distortions in Human Amblyopia and the Effects of Occlusion Therapy
Fight for Sight     2011- 2014; £96,250
Simmers AJ and Bex PJ (Harvard University)

Functional characterization of retinitis pigmentosa-causing RPGR mutants
National Eye Research Center 2011-2014; £59,419
Shu X

Joint attention in deafblind children
Sense 2011-2013; £90,000.
Núñez M, Franco F (Middlesex University) and Leekam. S (Cardiff University).

Measuring the effects of perceptual learning on global motion coherence processing in amblyopic subjects using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)
Fight for Sight 2011-2012; £15,500
Shahani U and Simmers AJ.

Perceptual Organisation in Amblyopia
Chief Scientist Office 2010-2013; £221,982                   
Simmers AJ and Bex PJ (Harvard University)

False Identification of Faces in Children and Adults
ESRC 2010-2012; £98,000
A McNeil

Improving Visual Performance in Low Vision Patients
College of Optometrists 2009-2012; £50,235.
Strang NC, Manahilov, V and Seidel, D.


Recently Completed projects

Zebrafish as a model for understanding the pathogenesis of retinitis pigmentosa
Royal Society 2010-2011; £15,000
Shu X.

Development of a head mounted, binocular, dynamic accommodation recording system to investigate accommodation function in natural conditions in myopia
College of Optometrists 2008-2011; £28,880
Day M.

Does additional vitamin A supplementation improve retinal function and conjunctival health in very low birth weight infants
Chief Scientists Office 2009-2010; £151,700   
Mactier H, McCulloch DL, Hamilton RE, Bradnam MS, Galloway T, Lavy T, Holland B, Doughty MJ and Weaver LT.

The role of RPGR in retinal degeneration
British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society 2008-2010; £96,804
Shu X.

Individual Variation in Face Processing
ESRC 2006-2008; £182,628
McNeil A