Oculomotor and Refractive Error Development

Oculomotor and Refractive Error Development

The primary research objectives of the research group are to better understand functional aspects of human vision, the mechanisms controlling eye movements and the processes underlying the development of refractive errors.

The group’s studies cover a wide range of areas for example: accommodation responses, wavefront aberrations of the eye, pupil dynamics, binocular vision and eye movements, factors associated with the optical visual control of eye growth, ocular biometry and the development of refractive errors.

Current topics of interest in oculomotor and refractive error development research include:

  • Central and peripheral refractive errors in the context of emmetropisation
  • Blur detection and in the central and peripheral retina
  • Eye movement characteristics in different refractive groups
  • Ocular biometry and retinal shape in myopia and hyperopia
  • Accommodation and pupil responses in different refractive groups    
  • Eye movement dynamics in myopia and hyperopia
  • The effects of 3D-viewing on the oculomotor system
  • Development of new methods to assess accommodation and pupil dynamics

Here, you can explore some of our projects and outputs of our work: