Vision Research

The Vision Research group is unique in Scotland and has a longstanding reputation in a number of areas of research. The group promotes fundamental and strategic research to further both our understanding of vision and the maintenance of ocular health. Areas of expertise range from examining perceptual processes to understanding the mechanisms underlying the inflammatory response in dry eye. The GCU Vision Centre, with a large patient base and fully equipped facilities, provides a useful infrastructure for multidisciplinary collaboration, clinical trials and research consultancy. The Vision Centre also runs research led specialist clinics relating to myopia control and dry eye. Led by Professor Niall Strang, the Vision Research Group has a proven track record of obtaining independent research income and of managing successful research collaborations within the academic and clinical community, both nationally and internationally.

Contact information: 

Professor Niall Strang Tel: +44 141 331 8206; Email:

Our primary research interest groups include: