Collaborative initiative with Health Protection Scotland to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to prevent, diagnose and treat blood borne viruses in Scotland

Scottish Government published its first Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus (SHBBV) Framework in 2011 (thereafter updated in 2015 covering the period through to 2020). The Framework brought together policy on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health, and includes outcomes to: i) reduce the number of people acquiring blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections, ii) reduce the health inequalities gap in sexual health and blood borne viruses, and iii) ensure people affected by blood borne viruses lead longer, healthier lives. The collaboration between HPS and GCU aims to generate evidence to evaluate existing, and inform future, policy and practice in Scotland and support the delivery of Scottish Government’s SHBBV Framework.  

As part of this collaboration, GCU leads on and/or contributes to a range of initiatives:

Sharon Hutchinson, David Goldberg, Claudia Estcourt, Paul Flower , Esther Aspinall, Jamie Frankis, Hamish Innes, Andy McAuley, Scott McDonald, Norah Palmateer, Shanley Smith


Funded by Health Protection Scotland (awarded ~£3.2 million in total since 2013).