Unilever- 9 month study on sweat glands (Dr Patricia Martin and Jennifer Robertson; £90,000K, 2016).

MSD-The role of tedizolid in the treatment of staphylococcal infections (Dr Sue Lang; £64,000, 2016).  

EUFP7 - Grant Agreement HEALTH-F4-2013-601827 XENOISLET ‘Macroencapsulated porcine islets to cure diabetes type 1/2’(Prof Linda Scobie; 780,000 Euro, 2013-2017).

Rosetrees Trust- ‘Targeting intracellular lipid trafficking as a mechanism to restore insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes mellitus’ (£15,000; 2013-2016).

Heart Research UK-Translational project grant ‘An exploration of the anti-atherogenic potential of compounds targeting mitochondrial cholesterol transporter protein (TSPO) and the cholesterol efflux pathway’ with Prof Michael Kassiou (University of Sydney), Dr Xinhua Shu (GCU) and Dr Patricia Martin (GCU) (£90,000; 2012-2014).

Chief Scientist Office- The impact of connexin mimetic peptides and cellular environment on wound healing rates in organotypic living skin equivalents (P. Martin, C. Wright, D Flint, £225,000, 2008-2010).