HEADS: UP Aphasia Helping Ease Anxiety and Depression after Stroke for people with aphasia

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What is HEADS: UP Aphasia?

  • HEADS: UP Aphasia is a research project carried out by Glasgow Caledonian University
  • We want to make Mindfulness easy-to-follow for people with aphasia after stroke

What is Mindfulness?                  

  • Mindfulness is a course for a group of people
  • Mindfulness helps some people manage anxiety and depression
  • Mindfulness teaches you to focus on the present moment
  • Mindfulness involves meditation, breathing and other exercises
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Join our research (October 2019-October 2022)

  • We are planning online meetings (May-July 2021) to discuss together how to make Mindfulness easy for people with aphasia
  • We are looking for people with aphasia and their family members to join us
  • It is fine if you have never tried Mindfulness before

Who is doing this research?

  • The Stroke Association is funding HEADS: UP Aphasia        ‌
  • The research is run by Glasgow Caledonian University

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Project Team

Matilde Pieri, research student is the main researcher

Matilde is supervised by:

Matilde is working with a group of advisors, they are people with experience of aphasia who support and advise the research.


To find out more contact Matilde, research student

For additional information click the link to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj86xAmkqfzFwut8nGtFJYw