International Network of Stroke secondary Prevention Researchers (INSsPiRE) Dates: December 2015 – December 2019

About INSsPiRE

This international network of researchers working in the specialty of non-pharmacological, non-surgical stroke secondary prevention aims to raise the scientific profile of stroke secondary prevention.

Following stroke, individuals are at increased risk of secondary stroke (approximately 25% in 5 years) and other cardiovascular events. To understand and advance the evidence base for non-pharmacological/non-surgical stroke secondary prevention systematic reviews with meta-analyses are required. To assist the generation of the heterogeneous data required for such meta-analyses we require empirical study data that is informed by a standardised (consensus-driven) definition of stroke secondary prevention and an agreed core set of outcomes and associated outcomes measures; these tools had yet to be developed.

In December 2015, as a result of Lawrence’s review work (2015), the international network, INSsPiRE (International Network of Stroke Secondary Prevention Researchers), was established. The network is based on a core membership, comprising stroke secondary prevention trialists. At a meeting of INSsPiRE in 2016, using an Appreciative Inquiry technique, we agreed a programme of work, which includes Delphi consensus work to facilitate development of a robust, consensus-based definition of the term ‘stroke secondary prevention’, as it relates to non-pharmacological/non-surgical interventions, and an overview review (meta-review).

The overview review protocol has been submitted for publication and early-stage review work has commenced; the review is due for completion in 2019.

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