Current Grants:

SMYLE: Supporting Mental health services for Young peopLE. Engaging services: Understanding barriers and facilitators to engagement with specialist mental health services for young people (2020 – 2021)

Investigators: Kerri McPherson (PI), Birgit Schroeter, Kareena McAloney-Kocaman, Pia Faeth (Researcher)

Funder: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Please contact Dr Kerri McPherson, kerri.mcpherson@gcu.acuk


Psychosocial determinants of wellbeing of military families in the UK (2020 – 2023)

Investigators: Cherie Armour (PI, QUB), Nicola Fear (KCL), Racheal Gribble (KCL), Kareena McAloney-Kocaman (GCU), Matt Fossey (Anglia Ruskin), Dominic Murphy (Combat Stress), Neil Kitchner (Cardiff, NHS Cardiff and Vale)

Funder: Forces in Mind Trust

Please contact Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman,


Improving outcomes for children and families affected by paternal substance use: a feasibility study of Parents Under Pressure (PuP) programme with a focus on fathers (2017 – 2019)

Investigators: Anne Whittaker (PI), Lawrie Elliott, Sharron Dawe, Paul Harnett Griffith, Julie Taylor, Charlotte Kirk, Peter Littlewood, Andrew Stoddart.

Funder: National Institute for Public Health Research

Please contact Professor Lawrie Elliott,


Social and Emotional Education and Development (SEED): a Stratified, Cluster Randomised Trial of a Multi-component Primary School Intervention that follows the Pupils’ Transition into Secondary School

Investigators: Marion Henderson (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow), Caroline Jackson (Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP), Lyndal Bond (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow) Philip Wilson (Centre for Population and Health Sciences), Lawrie Elliott (Glasgow Caledonian University), Kate Levin (Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit,  St Andrew’s University, Sally Haw (Stirling University), Daniel Wight (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow) Alex McConnachie (Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, Glasgow University). 

Please contact Professor Lawrie Elliott,


Past Grants:

Investigating the extent and impact of child language brokering (CLB) within health care settings (2019)

Investigators: Kareena McAloney-Kocaman (PI), Kerri McPherson, Sian Lucas

Funder: Chief Scientist Office


A scoping review of the measurement of creativity in the early years (2018)

Investigators: Julie Thomson (PI), Kareena McAloney-Kocaman, Kirsty Wiseman

Funder: GCU Glasgow School for Business and Society Research Excellence Grant


I-CREATE:Innovative Creativity in Early years Achieved Through Excellence (2017 – 2018)

Investigators: Julie Thomson (PI), Kirsty Wiseman

Funder: Scottish Funding Council


Behavioural couples’ therapy as an adjunct to opioid therapy for drug dependent parents a feasibility study (2016 – 2018)

Investigators: Anne Whittaker, Lawrie Elliot, Timothy O’Farrell, Julie Taylor, Keith Klostermann, Andrew Stoddart.

Funder: Chief Scientist Office


Development and initial testing of an intervention for parents of children with chronic health conditions (2015-2018)

Investigators: Kerri McPherson, Kirsty Wiseman, Susan Kerr, Jo McParland.

Funding body: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.


Transition to parenthood in the neonatal intensive care unit: parent and professional perceptions of a technological intervention designed to assist the process (2014-2016)

Investigators: Susan Kerr, Rhona Hogg, Kerri McPherson, Janet Hanley, Sean Ainsworth, Maggie Brierton, Caroline King.

Funder: Digital Health & Care Institute. Please follow the link to the Transition to Parenthood - Final Report.


Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of Functional Family Therapy in a Scottish context (2014-2015)

Investigators: Kerri McPherson (PI), Susan Kerr.

Funder: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Please follow the link to the FFT Final Report.


THRIVE: Trial of healthy relationships initiatives for the early years (2013 – 2018)

Investigators: Marion Henderson (PI), Katie Buston, Rachel Calam, Law, Alex McConnachie, Emma McIntosh, Helen Minnis, John O’Dowd, Lucy Thompson, Daniel Wight, Phil Wilson, Anja Wittowski.

Funder: National Institute for Health Research/Chief Scientist Office


Understanding barriers and facilitators to immunisation uptake in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities: the UNITING study (2013-2015)

Investigators: Cath Jackson (PI), Helen Lewis, Julie Mytton, Sarah Redsell, Louise Condon, Christine Shepherd, Susan Kerr, Carol Emslie, Bridget Gallagher, Helen Bedford, Frieda Schicker, Lesley Smith, Linda Vousden, France Cheater.

Funder: National Institute for Health Research. Please follow the link to the UNITING study final report.


Triple P for Baby: an intervention to help parents prepare for the transition to parenthood (2011 – 2017)

Investigators: Kerri McPherson (PI), Matt Sanders

Funder: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Exploratory study to determine if adverse childhood experiences impact risk-taking behaviours and poorer health outcomes of patients attending sexual health services in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Investigators: Professor Liz Gilchrist (PI), Dr Rosie Ilett, Dr Kerri McPherson).

Funder: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


Alba project: trial of the effectiveness of Triple P for fathers convicted of domestic abuse and who have children aged 3-12 years

Investigators: Liz Gilchrist (PI), Matt Sanders.

Funder: Scottish Government